Design &
Innovation Centre

The Design and Innovation Centre (DIC) at IIT Gandhinagar fosters a multidisciplinary approach to promote collaborative research and educational initiatives on design and innovation. The focus of the DIC is to develop innovations that have a major impact on the improvement in the quality of life in Indian society in particular and the world in general. The Centre has a strong industry and social focus and follows a human-centric design philosophy through its curricular and extracurricular activities in a wide range of areas.

Mission & Vision

The modern age is shaped to a large extent by the interaction between technology, innovation, and society. Innovation, of course, is deeply linked to science and technological progress. However, this does not mean that progress will always lead to beneficial innovations. Exactly how specific technologies ultimately contribute to the resolution of societal issues and problems often depends on how these technologies interact systematically, as well as on societal factors such as political or economic conditions, public acceptance and ethical considerations. The mission of the Design and Innovation Centre (DIC) at IIT Gandhinagar is to develop solutions that address society’s most pressing and complex challenges.

Design-driven innovation approach is taking a prominent position in the overall business strategy of companies rather than just a process of developing a product. The value addition through innovation in design has the potential to play a pivotal role in enhancing competitiveness for both manufacturing and service industries in India. However, design promotion and education are still the watchwords, especially in the context of Indian academia and SME sector. There is a need to bring design, technology, philosophy and sustainability together for creating positive impulse in the national economy and quality of life for everyone.

DIC at IIT Gandhinagar has been working in this direction; since its inception in 2008. Design is an important element in its engineering curriculum along with humanities and social sciences. Design thinking or creative problem solving is an attitude that any professional can benefit from. DIC aims at creating courses for students of technology in various capacities and creating platforms for nurturing the creative side of the brain.