space & equipment

Advanced FDM and SLA 3D Printing

3D Printing space at Maker Bhavan equipped with state-of-the art additive manufacturing machines with the latest features and capabilities.

Computer Controlled Cutting

Design led cutting area is equipped with advanced laser cutters and vinyl cutter machines

Molding and Casting Facility

Equipped with vacuum forming machine, mold and cast materials, chemical and tools

Computer Controlled Milling

CNC machines to make furniture to Micro milling machine to make pcb boards, this facility enables computerized milling jobs

Electronics Protoyping

Dedicated Electronics zone which has ESD station, SMD Components, PCB board fabrication and programming equipment, circuit board testing and measuring equipments

Mechanical Fabrication

Facilitates with power tools station, sawing and drilling machines, mechanical operation and measuring tools

Interactive Design Lounge

This teaching and mentoring zone integrates the making and learning process, enables active learning with studio setup