Welcome to the Makerspace at IIT Gandhinagar

Engineering education around the world is undergoing a radical shift with many new ideas, pedagogies and teaching methods in order to enhance student learning and performance. Prominent among these is “active learning”, – a strategic, active engagement of students in opportunities to learn by doing. The makerspace on the IIT Gandhinagar campus has been created with a vision to embed active learning as a core value in the educational experience of students across all IITGN disciplines and programs. Our central goal is to foster experiential learning, design thinking, creativity and innovation among students.
We work with faculty across the institute to infuse design- and making-centric methodology into their courses. We also offer independent workshops, courses, industry engagement programs and internship opportunities.  Please feel free to write to us if you would like to visit or learn more about our initiatives.


Vishwakarma Award for Engineering Innovation

Apply for the Maker Bhavan Foundation Competition 2022 Award. This year’s theme is “Water and Sanitation Innovation”. To read more and to apply click on the below link.


The online workshop by IIT Gandhinagar Maker Bhavan will introduce participants the “making” possibilities by Laser Cutting.


Stay up-to-date with updates of Maker Bhavan and its activity at this time. Including whats going on at campus and global makerspaces.


Payload Towing Remote Control Vehicle – PTRCV

During this Autumn 2022 semester, Maker Bhavan has offered a full semester for-credit the vehicle design and making course.


Arduino based CNC Foam Cutter Project

During the Spring 2022 semester, Maker Bhavan has offered a full semester for-credit machine design and making course.


This online workshop by the IIT Gandhinagar Maker Bhavan will introduce participants to the “making” possibilities using 3D printing technology. The sessions will offer basic training in design, creation and printing of 3D objects, which will then be shipped to the participants at the end of the workshop.