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Course Output: Hovercraft Resupply Vehicle Building 

About Project Course:

Hovercraft Vehicle Building Course

Maker Bhavan Project Course

Schedule: Fall 2021 | 14 Weeks | Full semester | 4 Credits

● Prerequisite: Open to All [Interest for making, digital fabrication and creativity]
● Interdisciplinary project
● Facilatators: Tanvir Khorajiya, Aniruddh Mali

In a situation of natural disasters and calamities, thousands of people strive for a supply of food,
water, or power. This course will tasks students to design and make unmanned emergency
resupply Hovercraft through an iterative design process that can traverse many mediums to
deliver lifesaving aid to those in need.

The objective will be to design and make a hovercraft at Maker Bhavan using its resources such
as 3d printing, laser cutting, electronics prototyping, power tools etc. Hovercraft should be able
to traverse the physical obstacle ground course, and also be able to pick up, carry and deliver
the payload in a defined time.